• Now you can train a foreign language without going abroad. Learn the real "language"not the study in Saytopic.
    Everyone in the world will be friends! Saytopic simultaneous global opening Be possessed by Saytopic
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    Saytopic is an open platform where you can experience real-life foreign languages based on social networks that connect people from different countries.
Unlimited communication
with foreigners
around the world~
What is Saytopic?
It is a global social platform
that allows people
from around the world
to come together
and interact with each other.
You can not learn
'a language' only by studying
Now, train your real language
'with real conversations'
with native speakers.
Anyone can register as a mentor
and become a language friend
and make an income ~
Automatic translation!
Automatic translation!
Video lesson, voice lesson, chat
Talk to anyone in the world without language barriers and become friends.
The price went down!
The language barrier has collapsed!
With a lot of native speakers
Automatic interpretation/translation
video/audio study
Video study
(Free conversation)
Video study
(Image depiction)
Audio study
(Conversation while seeing each other’s profile page)
Audio study
(Conversation while depicting the image)
Language, nationality, gender, age,
and favorite native speakers,
and enjoy a very low-cost conversation.
Interpretation function,
chat translation function
Are you worried about
lack of your language skills?
Do not worry ~

Press and hold the translator button on the left to speak
  It becomes an interpreter.

You can also chat,while on the phone.
All are translated.
Image description class
See and talk about lesson images
provided for each topic.
You can import images
from categories such as food, shopping, hospital, school, company,
sports, nature, humor, etc.
and describe it together.
Provide 'My Own Folder'
Create, manage and use
your own image folders directly.
Classroom Folder
Put an image for your class and
practice it in advance.
Then bring up corresponding image
and practice actual conversation
in the class with native speakers.
Review Folder
Move the images from the class
to the review folder and practice
it repeatedly.
Mentor’s folder
The mentor prepares an image
or class material to teach
and uses it for class.

It is even better if mentees and mentors are able to send pre-class content to each other
so they can prepare in advance.
Translation Automatically Free Chat
With automatic translation,
you can chat with anyone in the world in your own language.

Expand your network
to all over the world.
Talk to foreigners
and raise your income ~
Language Mentor Application
Be a language mentor in your
native language or in a language
you can teach.

You can reacieve voice or video calls by activating ON state
and switching toOFF status
at any time

Even if you are not a professional
instructor, you can earn income
just by kindly communicating.

Write your profile page and
introduction page well and
set your own mentoring
costs yourself.
A memo delivered
to the mentor
when the mentee calls
the study
When the call comes to the mentor,
the above contents are displayed together.

You can do the class by
following instructions above and
based on the language level of the mentee
and the request message.

You can learn a language you want
or get paid in cash by earning money
from your mentor activities.
Mentor Activity Process
Create a Saytopic account
and Mentor Application
First approval by the administrator after checking your
application and profile
An actual one hour trial
of the actual mentoring
(this period is limited to less
than $3 for mentoring cost)
A formal mentoring activities
No limit on the amount of mentoring fee
- Currently Opening Members and
Opening Mentors Recruitment Period.
- The video / audio lesson service is currently pre-opening process. If the date is confirmed, it will be announced. (Only for Android first)
- Making friends, chat service is still available.
Download the Saytopic
App from Google Play.
We will add $ 1 tuition fee
to all members who make
an account now.